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Winter 2009 · Volume 15, No. 13

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Message from the President

By Mitchell B. Stein

These will be the last words to be published in my name as outgoing President of the Century City Bar Association. It's another opportunity to thank our membership, friends, sponsors, vendors and indeed, all the lawyers in this area, for the assistance and support we have received this year. I think that support and remarkable sense of community will be on display next week on April 7, where our annual installation dinner promises to be one of the most exciting and dynamic events ever put on by our organization. If you have not purchased tickets, it's not too late. I again thank and commend the work done by my fellow officers, Scott "The Human Bulldozer" Vick, Louis Dienes, Jane Shay Wald, and Fay Arfa.

This is also another opportunity to finally author an article I have been thinking about for many months: "A Wish List" If some deity, genie in a bottle, or cosmic spirit granted me five wishes for 2009, what would they be? As Adam Sandler once said in "The Wedding Singer," I propose to tell you my answer because, as he put it, "I have the microphone!" So, leaving the clichéd (and understandable) references to world peace, a cure for cancer, buckets of money, and romance with film actresses to the side, this is what I would wish for in 2009:

I wish to see lawyers, even in the midst of the terrible and unprecedented economic situation in which our nation finds itself, do more to find the good in this world - and then do good.

I wish to see more people realize that this country has been tested time and time again over its history, and each time, our country has not only survived but triumphed. We did it after wars, and after previous economic shocks, and after threats from abroad, and we can and will do it again.

I wish to see more civility practiced among lawyers and in the courts. This is an honorable and educated profession. In dealing with our counterparts and the judiciary, and vice versa, I want to see more dignity and courtesy, and less WWF-style smackdowns.

I wish to see more lawyers not only practice high quality and high value law, but practice high quality and high value lives. Hard work, overtime, and job-related stress are often inevitable in our profession, but these things should not operate to the exclusion of dealing with things outside of work that are important. Let us never forget that our time on this earth is a gift and we can never come back and do it again.

Finally, for 2009, I wish for continued success and health for each of you, your families, and last but not least, the Century City Bar Association.

Again, I thank all of you for your support during my term.

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