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February 2010 Issue

The Century City Bar Association is holding its 42nd Annual Installation Banquet and Awards Ceremony on March 4, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza to name the 2010 best “Lawyers of the Year” and to install the new officers of the CCBA.

Order your sponsorship package and tickets now! The last day to submit artwork for congratulations or publicity in our tribute book is Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

For more information or to purchase tickets or pages in our tribute book, go to: http://www.centurycitybar.com/events/banquet_2010.htm

2010 Officers

President - Louis R. Dienes, TroyGould PC
President-Elect - Jane Shay Wald, Irell & Manella LLP
Vice President - Fay Arfa, Fay Arfa, A Law Corporation
Secretary - Francie R. Gorowitz, Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman
Treasurer - Loren J. Beck, Russ August & Kabat

President's Message

By Scott Vick, Vick Law Group

We are very excited about events scheduled this coming year.

On March 4, we will be holding our annual installation banquet at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel honoring our five lawyers selected by their peers as lawyers of the year: Marshall Grossman (Litigator of the Year), David Nimmer (Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year), James Stang (Bankruptcy Lawyer of the Year), Juliette Youngblood (Entertainment Lawyer of the Year) and Jeffrey Donfeld (Real Estate Lawyer of the Year). We will also be installing new CCBA officers and board members. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information, or to RSVP, visit our website at www.centurycitybar.com.

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Are You or Your Clients Violating State or Federal Wiretapping Laws?

By Richard L. Kellner and Evan Zucker, Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP

Anthony Pellicano, the notorious private investigator to the stars, is now serving a 15 year prison sentence in a federal penitentiary arising from his illegal wiretapping, done at the behest of his clients. Many of his employers, including powerhouse lawyer Terry Christensen, face prison time or severe civil penalties for their role in the wiretapping scheme. Undoubtedly, this scandal, which has taken a large toll on the Los Angeles legal community, represents an extreme example of illegal wiretapping conduct. Nonetheless, the general legal public has scarce knowledge of the federal and state laws relating to eavesdropping and wiretapping.

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Court Budget Cuts Jeopardize the Economy and Justice for All

By Stacy D. Phillips and Ram F. Cogan, Phillips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra, LLP

The fact that California faces a major fiscal crisis should come as no surprise to anyone. After all, for more than a year now we have not been able to turn on the news or read a newspaper without being told that the entire country is in the worst recession since the great Depression - and California does not have a “get out of jail card” which makes it immune from the hardships which the rest of the country is experiencing. With the rejection of stop gap measures at the ballot box and Washington D.C. unwilling to bail California out of the mess it has gotten itself into, we face severe cutbacks across the board - with no savior in site.

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No “Zone of Insolvency” Duties for California Directors

By Edward T. Swanson

In Berg & Berg Enterprises v. Boyle, 178 CA4th 1020, 100 CR3d 875 (2009), the Court of Appeal for the Sixth Appellate District of California rejected the argument that the directors of a California corporation owe a fiduciary duty to the creditors of the corporation once the corporation enters the “zone of insolvency.”

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Century City After Hours

By Edward T. Swanson


A (Sort Of) Retelling of King Lear: Fool by Christopher Moore

I was forced to read King Lear in high school. Once was enough, I thought. However, Christopher Moore has transformed this (tedious) tragedy into a rollicking, bawdy comedy. The humor will make you laugh so hard your side may start to hurt. However, beware! This is not a novel for those who are offended by coarse language or sex. As the author himself in his introductory Warning: “This is a bawdy tale. Herein you will find gratuitous shagging, murder, spanking, maiming, treason, and heretofore unexplored heights of vulgarity and profanity, as well as non-traditional grammar, split infinitives, and the odd wank.” The warning is an accurate one. Nevertheless, in Fool, the quality of humor is not strained. Nay, it falleth from the book in torrents, sweeping away any dour attitude of the reader.

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Photo Feature

Gov. Michael Dukakis, former Governor of Massachusetts and Democratic Nominee for President in 1988, addressed the Century City Bar Association at Lawry’s Prime Rib in Beverly Hills on February 2 as part of the CCBA’s Distinguished Luncheon Series. Currently a visiting professor of public policy at UCLA throughout the winter quarter, Dukakis spoke on past and present Congressional proposals for universal healthcare, offering his recommendations for a more equitable and effective healthcare system.

Gov. Michael Dukakis with Anthony Salerno, Chair of the Distinguished Luncheon Series

There has never been a better time than now to be part of the CCBA! Our growing list of benefits and perks offers our members one of the finest amenities packages around. From special incentives with other organizations such as the LACBA, to discounts at your favorite Century City eateries, the CCBA is better than ever before!

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